15D BIO Lens

Ideal for High Magnification Viewing of the Posterior Pole

The 15D BIO Lens is a high magnification option in the BIO lens range, offering images spanning the macula and optic disc. With its double aspheric design, it’s perfect for seeing clearly even at the peripheral field of view. The impressive field of view and high magnification combined makes this lens an ideal choice for targeted central retinal examination like glaucoma and macular degeneration exams.  Experience a whole new level of clarity with the 15D BIO Lens.

  • 36° / 47° field of view
  • 4.11x image magnification
  • 0.24x laser spot magnification
  • 72 mm working distance
  • High magnification facilitates thorough examination of the macula and optic disc
  • Glaucoma screenings made easy by detailed view of the optic disc

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