Vetrix EyeQ Amniotic Eye Drops

EyeQ Amniotic Eye Drops provide a micronized, natural occurring, biological scaffold with innate high concentrations of anti-inflammatory components that modulate inflammation and promote rapid epithelialization. Product is delivered in a dual-chamber dropper bottle.

EyeQ Amniotic Eye DropsDescription:
EyeQ PerformanceUnique in manufacturing and composition, EyeQ Amniotic Eye Drops provide a superior healing environment suited for corneal tissue repair. The intrinsic concentrations of anti-inflammatory components exert a broad array of anti-inflammatory measures that combat both innate and adaptive inflammatory cells.EyeQ Amniotic Eye Drops contain high molecular weight HA which maintains better hydration and lubrication that can protect the ocular surface from dryness and blink-related micro-trauma during healing.EyeQ’s morselized amniotic membrane delivers anti-inflammatory components more rapidly than as an inlay or temporary patch.
Easy To HandleEyeQ Amniotic Eye Drops are packaged sterile in an easy to use, dual chamber, dropper bottle providing the practitioner with convenience and extended shelf life.
More InformationHas shelf life of 18 months at room temperature. After bottle is mixed with powder, shelf life is good for 1 month in refrigerator.

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